What types of photography education do we offer?

Since many folks are not local, and may not be able to travel for a class, i'll be keeping an updated photography education blog where we discuss all kinds of different educational material.  Whether it be about the business of photography, lighting tips, image deconstruction, class announcements, equipment & software reviews or other things, it's a great way to stay on top of your continuing education.


I started the bootcamp series of classes after getting tons of requests from clients and photographers.  Since those are two very different levels of experience, we designed class "levels".  Our classes feature  hands-on education using your own cameras and equipment, hands on shooting lessons, small class sizes and real-world knowledge gained from over 10 years of magazine, wedding, commercial & portrait photography.  Each class is an immersive experience where we eat, breathe and focus on nothing but photography and getting it right in camera.



Our photography bootcamp course teaches you how to effortlessly control your camera in manual mode and understand what the camera is telling you.  The class is designed to end your dependence on the camera "auto" modes and start making your own choices.  We examine and play with the "photographers triangle", metering modes and learn how our camera continually lies to you.  This is the perfect course for your budding photographer or serious amateur.  We joke about this class telling you how to "talk to your camera" but that is exactly the end goal, to enable each student to have a photographic conversation with their camera.


Our shooting bootcamp takes us into the field for an immersive hands on course where we use natural light, flash and learn to blend them both or overpower one or the other.  This is not a gear head class as we'll be carrying around a single speed light to show how best to work fast.  After the class is over you will be amazed at the versatility and power you can generate from a single speed light both on and off camera.This course is a must for any serious photographer who wants to get experience with off camera lighting as well as natural light shooting.



Our lighting bootcamp is a culmination of all the lighting toys.  Shooting in a pitch black room, a studio, outside in full sun or at night, we cover it all in this full day half shooting half lecture class.  This course is not for the faint of heart and a firm understanding of camera and flash mechanics is highly recommended.  This is the "pinnacle class" of our class series and if the photography and shooting bootcamps were not enough, I can guarantee you that you WILL be exhausted after this class.


What our previous students have said!

Melissa S.

Amateur photographer

"Thank you for giving me the knowledge to feel 100x more confident in understanding my camera. I now know "my camera is not smarter than I am" 🙂 As you could tell, I was quite nervous about shooting in manual mode, I had never attempted. I can honestly say after your class, I will NEVER go back! Your passion for photography is so inspiring.  Thank your for sharing your talent and giving me the tools to see things in different perspectives. I look forward to the next class!"

Jamie T.

Professional Photographer

"I like Brian's style as he is both informative and easy going. His teaching style balances his experience and technical expertise with his ability to draw out a student's own initiatives and interest. He leads without pulling and yet he pushes his students to try new approaches both technically and visually within their own level and expertise in photography".


Karen T.

Amateur Photographer

"I found it most beneficial to get the hands-on practice in the different light conditions throughout the afternoon.  I wanted to learn how to take better photographs for myself, without the gimmicks, and your workshop did just that.  I hate using flash but sometimes doubt myself and resort to automatic settings.  This workshop helped me get back to the basics."

Photography bootcamp

  • For beginning, advanced amateur or new professional photographers
  • Learn and use the photographers triangle for better results.
  • After the class, you will shoot in manual mode comfortably
  • Learn the basics of lighting using natural light to explain general concepts
  • Models and lunch provided!
  • Small class size (6 people max) means lots of one on one attention.

Shooting bootcamp

  • For advanced amateurs or beginning professionals.  Our shooting bootcamp is a HIGHLY recommend pre-requisite.
  • A true "in the field" shooting class with models and one on one instruction.
  • Learn to use natural light, flash or both to get the results you want
  • Small class size means lots of one on one time (6 people max)
  • The techniques we teach are light on gear, heavy on technique.

Lighting Bootcamp

  • For professional photographers or those who have attended BOTH our photography and shooting bootcamp classes.
  • Learn real world field and studio lighting techniques 
  • Full day shooting and lecture class so we can focus on complicated topics
  • Small class size insures plenty of one on one instruction while working in small groups.
  • Hone your skills with using flash, natural & available light and blending all 3.

Learn how to "talk" to your camera and be in full control of your photography with one class!