Lighting Bootcamp

Lighting Bootcamp

Current Schedule
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2/21/2016 – Holly Springs, NC – 11am – 7pm

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Who should take this class?

The lighting boot camp class is designed for professional photographers who are looking to expand their arsenal of lighting knowledge, tools and “tricks” when working either in a dark reception hall or in midday sun.

Having basic knowledge of shooting in manual mode is a pre-requisite for this course.


In this class we will start off with a brief primer discussing shooting manually with your camera including the effects of shutter, aperture & ISO on flash and available light, color temperature, open shade and other available light sources before moving into flash photography.  We will be talking about (and using) both on camera and off camera flash.  This class is designed for the professional wedding & portrait photographer who have to produce high quality work in harsh, mixed or low light environments.


The first part of the class we will be briefly covering camera mechanics and operation. Below is the list of topics but I encourage classes to take on their own “shape”, if you will, so any other questions or topics will certainly be covered:

Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO
Shooting modes (M, AV, TV & P)
Metering and meter comprehension
The photographers “triangle”
Basic flash operation.

We will then go more in depth into the following:

Color, quality & direction of light
Types of light (soft, harsh, specular, mixed)
How to find good light naturally
What to do when there is no good light to be found

The second part of the class is hands on shooting and lighting.  We’ll be using and shooting with the following types of light:

Direct Sunlight (weather cooperating)
Open Shade
Window Light
Manufactured Light
Mixed Light (tungsten, florescent, sun, etc)
On Camera Flash/Bounce Flash
Off Camera Flash/Reflected Flash
Night photography


The lighting boot camp class is a 15 person (max) 8 hour class (with a lunch break) for $350. We will arrange lunch and beverages so if you have any dietary restrictions,please let us know in advance.

What you should bring

Laptop or Notepad
Water jug/drink


Brian Mullins is an award winning photographer based in Raleigh, NC.  His work primarily consists of wedding, portraits and commercial (including architectural & food) photography.  He has been a professional photographer since 2005 and has a background in both cinematography and theater/stage lighting.  Brian started his career as a magazine photographer and was published numerous times prior to his wedding work.  After only eight months shooting articles for Cary Magazine, he was promoted to Chief of Photography – a position previously held by his mentor.

Brian’s wedding and portrait work is notable for both his invisible and visible use of light and lighting.  His work at night has garnered wide attention for both it’s subtlety and drama in an environment not typically known for photography.  His work has been published in numerous industry blogs (PetaPixel, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Resource Magazine, Fundy Software, millers lab and Amazon).

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