New look, same awesome classes

With the outbreak of corona virus, i’ve had the opportunity to get into the nuts & bolts of this website and do a major overhaul. On top of that, I’ve scheduled 2 classes for June which is, hopefully, far enough away to get past the craziness. As always, the class sizes are small so you get lots of one on one time. Also, should the virus still be a concern, it’s small enough to where we are not on top of each other.

I’ve scheduled the photography bootcamp (which is like a photography 101 class) for June 14th.

I’ve scheduled the first shooting bootcamp in 5 years for June 21st. I am really excited about this class as i’ve finally had time to re-envision how it should work.

You can find both on my classes tab in the menu above. I have NOT scheduled a new lighting bootcamp just yet, but that will be coming sometimes soon.

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